Optimizing a complex sales process

Client / iDirect Government

Service / Consulting and Enterprise Content Management 

Industry / Satellite Communications

There is nothing simple about iDirect Government’s sophisticated military application products. Saddled with an under-developed process and lacking the necessary digital presence, the complex, inefficient sales-assisted and resource-intensive former process reflected this reality. The company could not facilitate a proper buying experience with clients looking to learn more about the application of products that may be difficult to understand.

Enginess worked with the client’s various internal teams to engineer a more efficient process and develop modern, robust self-serve client and partner tools. Enginess created a dealer portal to assist sales people with their day-to-day activities by accessing the content needed to do their job and by ensuring a single source of truth for all product information.

The introduction of the self-serve functionality lessens the burden on the small communications team, and allows them to do more with less, saving the company money, time and resources, improving security and allowing the team to perform more efficiently. Customers and partners now have ready access to that up-to-date detailed product information, as well as the ability to locate the right product to perform their essential role to maintain their in-field equipment.