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Teknion is a designer and manufacturer of office furniture systems and workplace interiors. Its products include panel systems, desking systems, case goods, seating solutions, architectural products, tables and collaborative spaces and storage products among others.

Business Challenge

Teknion’s sustained growth as a global office systems powerhouse was being jeopardized by outdated technology and business processes that negatively impacted operational costs, hindering its ability to expand its global operations and to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

The company lacked the technical means and processes to enable its sales and marketing channels to access key content and to ensure the relevancy and accuracy of that content. It also lacked the ability to properly support and service internal resources and clients, and the platform through which it could control the timely creation and distribution of information to dealers and sales teams globally.
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Transformative Futuring Vision Enginess’ enterprise futuring consultants worked closely with Teknion’s teams to gain an intimate understanding of the company’s operational processes and a thorough grasp of its technological challenges.

Our research led to the creation of a compelling future vision for a globally-connected enterprise, and to the emergence of three strategic areas of focus necessary to empower the Teknion global business model: First, a unified digital asset and content management process and platform to create, store, manage, and distribute Teknion’s large asset repository of more than 32,000 digital assets and 200,000 architectural schematics; second, a customizable, global delivery strategy for geographically specific content; and third an internally-managed, globally-connected platform to make accurate and consistent content instantly available to partners, sales channels and customers, in real time, wherever they are on the planet.  

“It has saved us weeks of work, perhaps even months."
Manager of Web Development, Teknion

Business Impact SummaryTeknion’s digital capabilities have been greatly increased. Its brand, products, pricing and support tools are presented in a clean, simple interface that is easy to use, and easy to navigate. Tasks that used to be slow and painful have become efficient and easy for both staff and customers to execute. The new dynamic web platform offers designers and customers accurate self-service and trusted product information, enabling increased sales, reducing support from Teknion’s internal teams and strengthening their brand relationship.

Enginess revolutionized how Teknion does business globally. By building the Teknion new web platform into the core of business’s operations and marketing, and by leveraging a powerful CMS integrated with asset management, Enginess empowered Teknion to take control of its brand in ways it had been unable to before.

Deliverables and Outcomes Enginess consolidated multiple legacy systems for nearly a quarter of a million digital assets, resulting in a level of control not previously experienced by Teknion’s staff, and in a significantly reduced labor requirement and the elimination of process duplication, delivering appreciable cost and operational savings. This has resulted in greater productivity and pricing accuracy delivering top line results.

The multi-site management platform developed by Enginess allows Teknion to create and manage geographically-diverse websites from one central console, while enabling content to be shared across many sites globally, streamlining a process that was previously costly, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and requiring the involvement of numerous stakeholders.

Teknion’s team can now effectively communicate with customers, partners and sales channels anywhere through one management system, ensuring that their brand, message and content is accurately tailored to individual markets.