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Iridium is the only satellite communications company that offers truly global voice and data communications coverage. With its 66 low-orbiting constellation of satellites, and in alliance with a large network of partners, Iridium is advancing the way global enterprises conduct mission-critical activities through reliable, high-speed communications services.

Business Challenge The rapid growth in demand for Iridium’s service resulted in the company’s web services platform becoming fragmented, resulting in the company having to manage no less than nine distinct web properties, each with legacy technology that would not integrate with each other. Iridium sought to align its web operations to reduce the overhead required to maintain their disparate infrastructure, reduce their hosting footprint, and importantly, speak with a unified branded voice around the globe.

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Transformative Needs Following a worldwide RFP process, the company selected Enginess as its digital solution consultant. Together with Iridium’s leadership, Enginess sought ways to consolidate individual sites into a singular web solution. This solutions needed to combine a public-facing website, an extranet, and a partner ecosystem of more than 300 global partner/vendors subscribed to their various sites – all to be managed under a singular platform.

Equipped with a clear understanding of the managerial, operational and technological legacy processes, systems and issues, Enginess went to work on recommending the right strategies and IT solutions to help the company transform its operations. As part of our approach, we scoured the market in order to find a flexible, scalable and affordable platform to meet the complex demands of the business.

Transformative Solutions In the end, the uniqueness of Iridium’s service offering, together with the company’s uncompromising and forward-thinking approach, led Enginess to select the Advantage® CMS and Portal – underpinned by the flexibility of the Advantage® Framework – as the best solution to meet all present and future business needs of the company. The highly customizable platform offered just the right environment for Enginess’ team of business strategists and digital technologists to develop tailor-made digital business transformation solutions.

The heart of the Iridium eco-system developed by Enginess is Iridium for Partners portal, a robust platform that enables self-serve online business processes, and gives Iridium’s internal team the ability to efficiently service their partners and dealer community with minimal overhead. The new portal features include tools and process such as a partner and product on-boarding and certification tracks, role-based personalized access, secure documents with embargoed country security, alerts management with built in email relay integration, reporting and audit controls, active directory integration, configured workflow, and much more.

Another truly unique operational feature of the platform developed by Enginess, is the service level constellation dashboard, allowing Iridium’s customer care team to communicate the status of the 66 satellites in orbit, allowing the business to meet service level commitments to their customers, partners and dealers in real time, and at all times.

The content management system features a precision search appliance that helps consumers and partners find products with ease, and a rigorous workflow that routes publishing from the content initiator, through to writers, subject matter expert review, layout, legal review, and publishing.

The corporate website, as well as the partner and dealer portal, follow a strict adherence to Iridium’s brand guidelines. The presentation layer represents the essence of the brand, functionally and aesthetically, and is delivered through a beautifully crafted user interface for internal and external end-users alike.

Business Impact SummaryEnginess’ solutions facilitate the delivery and onboarding of the company’s Buy Now program, the focal point of the company’s partner directory. Customers can search and segment partners and dealers, by geography, product, and solution offering, as well as connect with e-commerce-enabled partners for direct purchase of Iridium’s product lines and airtime services.

The versatility, flexibility and extensibility of Enginess’ solutions have allowed Iridium to achieve their business goals and to build out a unique online experience. Iridium’s business transformation, as a result, ideally positions the company for the future as it embarks on its next chapter to refresh their entire satellite constellation.

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