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It is not every day one has an opportunity to reinvent a critical function in one of the world’s most dynamic and vital industries. Yet this is precisely what Enginess managed to accomplish in the wireless telecom space by transforming the way a communications giant approaches its online sales and procurement function.

Business Challenge The procurement process, involving signing-up new accounts and delivering communications wireless devices to these new consumers has been one of the biggest thorns in the collective side of telecom industry companies. This is true for the commercial B2B market as well as for the B2C retail market. For the most part, the approach has remained largely unchanged for the last 15 to 18 years in the wireless market, involving a paper-based and resource-consuming process that slows fulfillment and hinders efficiency. This unnecessary waste affects the profitability of companies and results in more expensive solutions for customers and a lesser competitive stance for the service provider.

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Engineering Transformative Solutions With so many other market pressures bearing down on their industry, senior telecom managers may not easily envision, let alone entertain, digital solutions that would warrant the investment required to reap sufficient financial benefits.

Enginess’ ability to look deep into a company’s operations to spot inefficiencies and uncover areas ripe for business transformation is key to our capacity to provide mobile communications companies the tools they need to manage their processes effortlessly, more accurately and cost-effectively, and maybe most importantly, to do so while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Another major key to Enginess’ success lies in our proficiency in laying out the vision in terms that are easily accessible and to build the case for change in financial terms, so as to help move the company’s leadership away from the status quo and toward new solutions that can vastly improve their operational efficiency and their bottom line performance.

Business Impact SummaryEnginess does not simply look to solve technical problems. We envision businesses in a holistic way to transform companies into digital leaders who redefine the way they create value and gain advantage in their market.

Our 15+ years working the technical back-end of the mobile communications industry and our 20+ years as engineers of advanced web-enabled technology solutions has given Enginess the insights and expertise that are frankly not available to many in the digital transformation space. This is what gives us the ability and know-how to leverage, extend and evolve the digital infrastructure a company already has in place, to engineer solutions that maximize the account management function, free precious resources from inefficient relationships management processes and generate efficient procurement practices by automating all online processes. In this way, companies can drastically reduce wasteful spending, pass the savings onto customers and reallocate resources to areas where they may be better used to help generate growth.

We do not sell solutions. We apply our advanced expertise to help business leaders become market leaders. Enginess represents the evolution of thought in the area of procurement in the wireless telecom space.


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