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CAAT Pension started as the pension plan that serviced the employees of the 24 Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (or Community Colleges as they are more popularly known) in the Province of Ontario.

Since its inception in June of 1967 their goal has always been simple, to provide Canadian workplaces with access to secure, sustainable pensions - in their words; a lifetime in retirement. Today, CAAT Pension represents employers beyond the Ontario College system and includes some of Canada’s leading organizations. 

CAAT Pension, now administers the pensions of over 111 companies across 9 industries and represents over 65,500 members. CAAT Pension is consistently growing to provide workplaces with lifetime retirement income plans for employees. CAAT is a highly respected investment program and is seen as an industry-leading innovator in helping more Canadian workplaces and their employees participate in a sustainable pension plan. 

Business Challenge

CAAT Pension Plan's digital eco-system had become fragmented, and difficult to manage overtime due to the funds' growth and addition of new products. The setup included websites and microsites all residing on different platforms. This had caused several operational challenges and barriers to growth.  

The brand was not reflective of the organization's vision and overall position relative to other organizations in similar space.

flexible and intuitive platform

thoughtful information architecture

responsive and accessible

Transformative Vision

CAAT Pension engaged in an extensive analysis and consultation of vendors and digital transformation options. They chose Enginess as their trusted partner to update their digital presence that had not seen any major investment in over a decade. Enginess worked with CAAT Pension stakeholders to re-imagine an accessible and modern platform for its 65,500 members and is expected to grow by 300,000 in the next six years. Enginess worked collaboratively with CAAT Pension in developing a new digital experience, information architecture and brand refresh.

Our team developed a thorough technology and information architecture strategy. CAAT Pension had a large digital property and our content audit was instrumental in informing the execution of the redesign of the information architecture, ensuring users could quickly and intuitively access the necessary information on the website. 

After 10 years of utilizing an outdated digital platform, CAAT Pension had a long-list of requirements upon which it wanted its new digital platform to be able to perform. After careful consideration, CAAT Pension chose Advantage CSP to power the aspirations of its 65,500+ members. Advantage CSP’s was an ideal choice, as CAAT pension was able to leverage the platform’s multi-experience capabilities to deliver custom experiences to multiple audiences. 

Deliverables and Outcomes At the end of the seven month design, build and deployment phases, Enginess delivered a comprehensive digital platform that was AODA WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. A digital platform that was easy to use with a simplified information architecture. 

With Advantage CSP, CAAT Pension gained a solid, modern choice to meet the needs of both the marketing and engineering teams. Those needs included:

  • Site speed and reliability: CAAT Pension’s marketing and content heavy site needed to load much faster for its thousands of members
  • Faster content changes: Advantage CSP empowered their marketing team to update content, copy and images independently.
  • Powerful yet flexible CMS: The engineering team saw the opportunity to use Advantage CSP to manage and update sitewide elements without requiring a full-length development process. They also planned to make use of the extensible platform to enhance complex tools for its members.


Business Impact Summary With CAAT Pension’s old platform their team realized just how little control they had over their old site. And it was costing them hundreds of operational hours to create content to communicate with its members..

Moving forward with Enginess and their digital platform powered by Advantage CSP, CAAT Pension saw fewer roadblocks and faster updates. CAAT Pension saw that they were able to easily be able to build new tools and produce content at a fraction of the time spent before. 

Furthermore, due to Advantage CSP’s developer friendly platform that their team found to be very flexible and extensible, empowered their engineering team to easily redevelop advance calculators and tools for its members. Advantage CSP’s inherent multi-experience, multi-site capabilities allowed CAAT Pension’s team to be able to launch additional properties like it’s podcast micro-site Contributors, at a fraction of the resources a typical deployment would have cost in both time and money. 

Having added 7,500 new members since they launched their new website, delivering timely updates during the COVID19 Pandemic was instrumental in their relationship with their members.