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CarJiffi is an exciting new Canadian-made ecommerce solution for automotive dealerships. CarJiffi enables any dealership - on any marketing website platform - to add online sales with an end-to-end build and price customer experience. Search through new or used car listings from a dealership website, click the “buy now” button from a vehicle’s description page, and configure your deal from your mobile, tablet, or desktop device. CarJiffi (by CarHub) is an all-in-one solution, that enhances a dealer's online presence, allowing customers to experience an end-to-end purchase of their next vehicle from the comfort of their home or office.  Finally, any automotive dealerships of any size; have a way, to now transform their business through CarJiffi's comprehensive turnkey commerce solution.

Business Challenge

Every year, cars get more advanced and innovative, but one thing has remained the same: the car buying experience has remained a staunchly non-digital sales and customer service experience. Working with CarHub, the key challenge was to simplify today's complex, offline car-buying experience into a seamless, quick, and delightful digital experience for customers. With user performing almost all of their product research online, the next logical step was to bridge the retail experience with the digital world, essentially streamlining the research and pre-sales process, by facilitating end to end online commerce and research capabilities. This does not only servers to improve the end customer experience, but in addition provides a number of efficiencies for participating dealers, in helping reduce costs by enabling customers to self-serve, while providing better operational capabilities through the standardization and centralization of customer data, inventory and add-on management.

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Transformative Vision

Enginess led the application development of this complex solution from the ground up with our client CarHub. We began by conducting extensive user experience research on the automotive landscape that included market research, user interviews and competitive research. Through extensive consultation with our client, journey mapping, process flows and user experience prototyping, Enginess developed a long term vision for CarJiffi’s product design and customer experience.

Enginess visioned the entire product design concept, planned and executed development, testing and launch for CarHub’s two north Toronto, Canada dealerships. The core of the CarJiffi product is powered by Advantage CSP, an enterprise platform that already contained over half of the baseline functionality required out-of-the box. The platform’s well documented, existing market solution allowed Enginess and CarHub to focus on the specific business and technical requirements for the CarJiffi product. Choosing Advantage CSP allowed CarHub to leverage existing multi-domain capabilities and bring together complex data feeds into an elegant, completely customized app solution. Advantage CSP Data Hub enables a seamless process of browsing and buying a new or used car within a unified, integrated system. 

Business Impact SummaryBuilding with Advantage CSP was instrumental in centralizing CarJiffi’s data, which is derived from multiple third-party services, including but not limited to Chrome Data Services, Canadian Black Book, and inventory management feeds. Other custom built tools augment the core feature set with financial settings overrides, incentives management, add-on management, and white label re-branding. The solution Enginess delivered allows dealers to elegantly and effortlessly inject an online car buying experience on any of their websites and seamlessly facilitate the delivery of a multi-dealer customer car buying experience.

CarJiffi empowers dealerships to onboard and configure the application with minimal or no technical support. When the application is activated, the system will ingest data from all available data sources. The application is intelligently built, reducing manual work as a result repetitive data management. In a situation where a dealership does not have a centralized inventory management system to produce an automated data feed, CarJiffi can dynamically scrape inventory directly from the dealer’s existing website, building out the available inventory, and connect each vehicle - new or used - to the financing, add-ons, or incentives tools available to all dealerships using the platform. 

Enginess helped CarJiffi innovate and simplify the car buying experience for dealerships like CarHub by leveraging its experience as a trusted Advantage CSP partner. CarHub was able to quickly get to market with CarJiffi in less time and lower cost than other digital automotive industry start-ups. The savings reduces the cost to dealerships across Ontario, and throughout Canada, who want to scale their businesses by deploying a true omni-channel experience. CarJiffi is a smart solution that enables any dealership to finally create a one-to-one digital experience, traditionally only delivered through their brick and mortar operations.

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