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Posted / 19 October, 2017

Author / The Enginess Team

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Moveable Online has officially re-launched as Enginess.

Adaptation has always been key to survival.

The same holds true in a digital economy, where failure to adapt can send even the most well-established enterprise spiralling into extinction.

Since 1999, Moveable Online has helped businesses like yours keep up in an increasingly digital world. Now, the time has come for us too to embrace change.

Our official re-launch as Enginess reflects a sharpening of focus: away from bringing our clients up to speed in the present, and towards engineering digital business solutions that will secure their success in the future.

In short, we have evolved.

To understand how we got here, it’s imperative to know where we came from—and when. In 1999, Moveable Inc. acquired a web development firm led by Peter Dobbs. Operating as Moveable Online, we provided web hosting and development to a clientele that had been previously offered traditional print services. By 2005, we had outgrown our parent and incorporated as a separate entity. Moveable Online started off on the right side of business digitization, and we’ve been committed to keeping our clients here with us ever since.

We are more than a team of consultants: we are business strategists, software engineers, and technology experts with the skills and agility essential to helping your enterprise stay ahead of the digital curve.

We are Enginess. And we are ready to face the challenges of an ever-changing and ever-accelerating competitive business landscape. Together.

Learn more about our future and how we can help secure yours by exploring our new website, including our case studies and insights.

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