Enginess Launches Leading Investment Firm's Website Refresh

Posted / 15 February, 2023

Author / Enginess

Enginess Launches Leading Investment Firm's Website Refresh

Today, Enginess proudly announces the launch of its exciting Chesswood Group Refresh. After an extensive consultation process that was rooted in innovation, creative design and cutting-edge technology, Enginess is unveiling a fresh look for the prestigious Chesswood Group.

The new website is designed to create an engaging user experience that reflects Chesswood’s commitment to organizational excellence. With users at all levels in mind – from investors, clients, and institutional firms - their new aesthetic is sure to inspire confidence and expertise amongst their target audiences.

Design goals are an essential aspect of any new project or revamp, as they set the direction for the aesthetic, functionality and user experience. Enginess' launch of the Chesswood Group Website Refresh was based on a thorough collaborative process that aimed to create an engaging atmosphere reflecting Chesswood's organizational excellence. Throughout our efforts, we have kept in mind the multiple audiences that Chesswood communicates with and how they would interest with their website. Enginess refreshed the design to be more aesthetically pleasing, updated the Information Architecture to make it easier for their multiple audiences to find the information they're looking for, integrated marketing automation and improved their website accessibility in accordance with laws such as AODA and ADA. 

The website refresh was simple due to the fact it was powered by Advantage CSP. Advantage CSP is a user-friendly CMS that allows marketing and content users to easily create content on the fly. For developers, it's an even better tool. Instead of having to do costly upgrades, and difficult changes to the code, utilizing decoupled architecture, Advantage CSP makes it very update the frontend with simple Bootstrap 5 templates or code without making extensive developer required changes. The architecture and speed allowed Chesswood Group to embark on a website refresh at a significantly lower cost compared to other digital platforms. 

Take a look at chesswoodgroup.com

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