Enginess Launches Digital Refresh for Financial Leader Chesswood Group

Posted / 21 June, 2021

Author / Enginess

Enginess Launches Digital Refresh for Financial Leader Chesswood Group

Chesswood Group Limited, based in Toronto, Canada, is a leading financial services company with numerous companies under its umbrella. When Chesswood required a digital refresh a new way to deliver a digital experience to their stakeholders they came to Enginess for advice.

Chesswood Group Limited is North America’s only publicly traded commercial equipment finance company focused on small and medium-sized businesses. Colorado-based Pawnee Leasing Corporation, founded in 1982, finances a highly diversified portfolio of commercial equipment leases and loans through relationships with over 600 independent brokers in the United States.

Chesswood chose Enginess to lead its digital refresh. Enginess worked in developing a new digital experience, information architecture and brand refresh.

Built on Advantage CSP Our team developed a thorough technology and content strategy plan. The content strategy led to the redesign of the information architecture, ensuring users could quickly and intuitively access the necessary information on the website. Leveraging the Advantage CSP platform, Chesswood Group Limited is able to reduce time spent in creating / managing and sharing content to deliver a custom experience to multiple audiences. 

To view the project visit: chesswoodgroup.com

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