Achieving Successful Healthcare Ecommerce Integration with Shopify

Posted / 17 March, 2023

Author / Enginess

Achieving Successful Healthcare Ecommerce Integration with Shopify

In today's competitive healthcare landscape, digital commerce has become an increasingly important part of a successful business strategy. As such, integrating e-commerce platforms with existing healthcare systems is now more essential than ever before. One powerful solution for achieving a successful healthcare e-commerce integration is Shopify, the world’s leading cloud-based multi-channel commerce platform.

NutriChem is a naturopathic clinic, pharmacy, and retail store offering everything their clients need all in one space. Carefully curated services like IV therapy, Body Chemistry Balancing, custom compounding, and nutritional consultation are paired with a full array of health and wellness products. All of this is under the guidance of a team of carefully selected naturopathic practitioners, ensuring that patients get exactly what their body needs. Nutrichem had an existing digital platform powered by Advantage CSP and wanted to be able to offer e-commerce capabilities. After careful evaluation, Shopify was chosen to extend their investment in Advantage CSP.

Shopify, with its robust feature set and wide range of enterprise-level capabilities, it is well suited to accommodate unique needs in multiple facets of health care systems from point-of-sale transactions to patient engagement initiatives. With this integration Nutrichem was able to exploit efficient data exchange between patient records and secure financial processing that meets compliance standards for regulatory requirements; ultimately resulting in streamlined operations throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Advantage CSP is a content services platform that enables companies to rapidly build multi-experience digital solutions like websites, applications and business tools for streamlined user experience. In the case of Nutrichem, they were already using Advantage CSP for their clinic, with the help of Enginess we integrated Shopify e-commerce capabilities, navigation and product widget and search to relaunch their main website. Nutrichem, was able to get market faster and be able to offer customers the ability to purchase health solutions without having to rebuild their digital platform or a different solution. Today, Nutrichem utilizing Advantage CSP is able to target different users with different needs with a unique user experience for each. 

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