8 Benefits of Managing Social Publishing Through Your CMS

Posted / 11 April, 2014

Author / Enginess

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Wouldn't it be easier to manage your social publishing calendar via your content management system? We think it would, and here are some of the benefits you could enjoy.

For some people, managing content is a full-time job. And that's just the pages on your website.

When you add the need to create a vibrant social media presence via regular updates, it adds to the workload.

Wouldn't it be easier to manage your social media publishing calendar via your content management system (CMS)?

We think it would, and here are some of the benefits you could enjoy.  

1. Synergy

You're already running your website content via a CMS, so why would you want to go elsewhere to manage social publishing?

An integrated social publishing facility could save a lot of time by letting you create social messages and schedules at the same time as you're creating and publishing original content.  

2. Improved workflow

Your content workflow probably already includes multiple people. Using a CMS to manage social messaging puts this aspect on the same footing as other content.

It means you can assign people and roles to handle social messaging, follow up and get reports the publication status.  

3. Better SEO

Using your CMS to manage social publishing can help you make sure that titles, descriptions and tags are in sync, and avoid duplicating messages.

The ability to make the link between tags on blog content and relevant social media hashtags is pretty useful too.  

4. Message previews

Just as you can preview web content, your CMS will allow you to preview social messages. You can then easily check that they look right and that the images, titles and descriptions are sending the message that you want to send.

You can ensure that social content appears to advantage using Twitter cards and Facebook Open Graph tags. You can also optimize structured data for Google+ and search engine listings.  

5. Ease of use

Using a content management system makes it easy for those with little technical expertise to create social media messages. The word processor like interface means they don't have to think about the more technical aspects of the different social media sites before creating a message.  

6. Managing social campaigns

If you set up a Twitter account for a specific promotion or want to drive people towards a particular Pinterest board managing this through your CMS makes it easy to keep track of what's happening while not losing site of your main social content.  

7. Flesh out the social content calendar

Your CMS will give you an at-a-glance view of your content calendar so you can easily identify any gaps. That lets you create and send standalone social messages to highlight your best content in between content publishing cycles.  

8. Improved analytics

It's always important to know how your content is doing. Using a CMS for social publishing means you can get richer data on the social content you produce.

That doesn't necessarily replace other analytics tools, but it makes a good complement.  

As you can see, integrating social publishing into your CMS doesn't just make sense; it has many positive benefits. Ask about how our Advantage CMS can help you manage social publishing.

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