How to Create a More Engaging Intranet

Posted / 08 June, 2023

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How to Create a More Engaging Intranet

A lack of employee engagement can lead to a decline in productivity and an increase in costs. For example, if an employee is not engaged, they might spend more time on social media or surfing the web than completing their duties. However, it is possible to attain greater levels of engagement by incorporating these tips into your intranet.

Aspects such as design, content, and usability can be tweaked to improve how engaging your intranet is for employees. These adjustments will help to create a sense of ownership and belonging among staff members, which will result in increased interconnectivity and collaboration. If you’re ready to start designing your more engaging intranet, check out these 5 tips that will make your intranet stand out from the rest!

The Importance of Employee Engagement

A lack of employee engagement can have significant consequences for an organization, impacting both productivity and costs. When employees are not fully engaged, they may become disinterested or disconnected from their work, resulting in decreased motivation and overall performance.

One major consequence of low employee engagement is a decline in productivity. Engaged employees tend to be more focused, committed, and proactive in their roles. They are motivated to give their best effort, take ownership of their responsibilities, and strive for excellence. On the other hand, disengaged employees may exhibit lower levels of productivity, as they may be less attentive, less willing to go the extra mile, and more prone to distractions. For instance, an employee who lacks engagement might spend more time browsing social media or surfing the web instead of completing their assigned tasks.

Moreover, a lack of employee engagement can lead to increased costs for the organization. Disengaged employees are more likely to experience higher rates of absenteeism and turnover. They may feel less connected to the organization's mission and values, leading to a reduced sense of loyalty and commitment. Consequently, they may be more inclined to seek other job opportunities, resulting in turnover costs such as recruitment, training, and onboarding expenses. Additionally, disengaged employees may have lower job satisfaction, which can result in decreased customer satisfaction and potentially impact the organization's bottom line.

To address the issue of low employee engagement, organizations can leverage their intranet as a powerful tool. The intranet can serve as a central platform for communication, collaboration, and fostering a sense of community among employees. By incorporating the following tips, organizations can enhance employee engagement through their intranet:

5 Tips to Create a More Engaging Intranet

Use a clean and modern design

The benefits of using a clean and modern design are endless. The use of colour, typography, and white space all play a role in making your intranet feel more engaging for employees. For example, the use of contrasting colors will create contrast, which is important for catching attention. White space is also important because it makes content easier to read.

Create a culture

Creating a culture for your company can be done by answering these three questions: What does our company stand for? How do we want our employees to behave? How do we want our customers to perceive us? With these questions answered, you’ll have a clear idea of what your company should be striving for when designing their intranet.

Build relationships

Employee engagement is increased when the workplace feels like home. This means that it should have an office setting that fosters creativity and productivity. By incorporating elements such as art into the office, you will enhance the environment and allow employees to feel inspired while they work! 

Utilize social media

Social media has become a mainstay among many companies who use it as a way to better connect their corporate identity with their customers or other stakeholders in the community.. Social media allows you to disseminate information about your company in real time, which can help with employee engagement if used correctly. 

Take advantage of gamification

Gamification is a powerful strategy that organizations can leverage to enhance employee engagement, and incorporating it into the intranet can yield significant benefits. Gamification involves applying game mechanics and elements to non-game contexts to motivate and engage individuals. By integrating gamification techniques into the intranet, organizations can create an interactive and enjoyable environment that encourages employee participation and drives their enthusiasm for work-related activities.

Wrap Up

With these five tips, it’s easy to create an engaging intranet that is designed for employees. You can make your intranet more interactive by adding features like blogs and forums. The more interactive your site is, the more likely employees will be to engage with it.

Adding gaming elements can encourage engagement. For example, you could give points or badges after completing certain tasks on your intranet. This will give them a sense of accomplishment and will provide them with incentives to keep coming back.

Providing an “Employee Spotlight” section on the homepage is another way to increase engagement. Employees who are highlighted can be asked to share their story so others can get inspiration from it.

Lastly, don’t forget about design! Make sure you have a clean looking site that keeps things simple and appealing to users. By following these tips, you should be able to create an engaging intranet that encourages employee engagement!


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