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Posted / 20 April, 2017

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Teknion website

We helped transform more than just Teknion's website – we also helped transform their approach to digital technology, and repositioned the company into a faster, more efficient, customer-first organization.

This post is part of a series covering how we helped our client, Teknion, transform its web presence into customer-centric digital experience.

In an earlier article in this series, we discussed how we planned the Teknion site build, starting with broad requirements gathering and finishing with a firm list of objectives and deliverables.

The final step in completing the Teknion transformation was to actually execute the transformation.

Here’s how we built Teknion’s new site:

Identify detailed requirements

Teknion Home screen Before we wrote a line of code, we took our planning stage objectives and transformed them into specific, technical specs that the new site had to satisfy. We knew that the site needed to improve digital asset management and content creation processes. We also knew that we had to create a great back-end experience, allow site-specific personalization, structure publishing workflow rules, and create specific creation capabilities for common digital channels, like blogs, email campaigns, and newsletters.

Essentially, the site had to be easy for anyone to publish to from all over the organization.

Second, we knew the site had to serve different regions quickly and easily. So we knew it needed geo-specific and content personalisation capabilities, multi-lingual support, and a flexible product taxonomy. That way, local markets could serve relevant, specific content.

Third, it had to be future proof. Which means it had to be mobile first. We wanted to build a site that created a uniform experience no matter what device you were on, and that enabled CRM integration with Salesforce to support marketing and sales teams as they’re on the move. Once we defined the technical speficifcations, we were ready to get to work.


Teknion assets

Teknion assets[/caption] We turned to Sitefinity as the provider for Teknion for many reasons that are covered in detail in an earlier article – but suffice to say, it checked all the boxes.

We started our implementation by delivering a completely set-up and configured Sitefinity development environment. Then we started plugging stuff in. We:

  • Established a multi-site virtual directory for different parts of the world
  • Integrated Salesforce with Sitefinity using the Sitefinity Salesforce connector and mapping module
  • Set up forms, the Sitefinity CMS, and email services
  • Built master CMS page templates, designed for reuse across the site. These were completed with customized headers, footers, and controls for easy long term management.
  • Enabled search using Sitefinity’s native search option
  • Integrated Bynder using the Bynder API and integrated Google Analytics for clean and simple data tracking
The entire site wasbuilt to meet AODA “A” ratings, was debugged and tested prior to launch, and included the development and implementation of a variety of Sitefinity modules and widgets.  

What did Teknion get?

TEknion mobile siteOnce this was all said and done, what did Teknion actually get? The project resulted in a new site that was easier to manage, provided customers with more appropriate content and location-based services as well as made it easier for Teknion to provide customer service that matched their quality brand.

Because of our commitment to creating a mobile-first experience, both customers and sales staff were able to use the site from a tablet or phone. Now, the site stands in for outdated brochures for sales staff, who, coincidentally, can easily serve new leads relevant content due to the Salesforce integration.

And lastly, they received a robust search option, making it fast and simple for customers and staff to search Teknion’s amazing content library for exactly what they’re looking for.


teknion homepage

Our work with Teknion helped transform more than just their website. It also helped transform their approach to digital technology, and repositioned the company into a faster, more efficient, customer-first organization.

By launching their new site on Sitefinity CMS, we were able to reposition the experience of shopping with and working for Teknion to be faster, easier, and more enjoyable than ever before.

Today, the Teknion website is a beautiful customer-facing product that helps the company represent its brand online. From a small, simple HTML site to an enterprise-calibre digital experience, Teknion’s digital storefront is a piece of technology that works for their entire organization.

We’re extremely proud of our efforts with Teknion, and we believe it’s an investment that will serve them well for years to come.

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