Understanding Accessibility Compliance

Posted / 17 July, 2020

Author / Simone Abel

Understanding Accessibility Compliance

Understanding Accessibility Compliance is part one of our new series 'A Product Leader’s Guide To Accessibility & AODA'.

We’ve worked on dozens of accessibility projects over the years, and have helped nonprofits, associations, businesses, and regulated industries navigate the tricky waters of accessibility compliance.

We are excited to launch our five-part series on Product Leader’s Guide To Accessibility & AODA with  Simone Abel - Director of Digital Strategy at Enginess. Over the next couple of weeks, we will post several articles sharing the best practices and key recommendations around implementing accessibility and AODA with your project.


A Product Leader’s Guide To Accessibility & AODA

Part 1Understanding accessibility compliance 
Part 2: Project delivery 
Part 3: Managing costs
Part 4: Ongoing maintenance
Part 5: Common risks and pitfalls

Can't wait to see more tips? Download the complete guide today.

In this week’s post, we will go over the foundations. Let’s get started!

Understanding Accessibility Compliance

As a business leader, you may be inherently aware of the laws and regulations regarding accessibility - both digital and physical. Whether your customers are demanding it, or your business is governed by specific legislation, if you are operating a business out of Ontario, Canada, then the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (also known as AODA), applies. The act has been the law since 2005, with various implementation targets and timelines for different sectors.

In sum, the AODA is “Ontario’s accessibility laws and standards, our action plan and progress in becoming accessible for people with disabilities by 2025.” 

If you are undertaking a digital project in Ontario there are specific requirements you need to meet under the law, by January 1, 2021. 

In this eBook, we cover what compliance standards are, when they need to be met, and by whom. If you're just starting to learn the legislation and what you need to do to be compliant, you may find yourself confused. The AODA is at best difficult to navigate and at worse a bamboozling mess of technical terms, legal rules, and exceptions. The law was passed 15 years ago, has a rollout of 20 years, and has mandated different deadlines for different types of organizations. The complexity of the law and the confusing timelines may make your understanding of what is required and what isn’t quite challenging. 

Our newest eBook “A Product Leader’s Guide To Accessibility & AODA” is your guide. In Part 1 we walk through the following questions and answers:

  1. Does my business need to comply with AODA?
  2. What classification does my business fall under, as defined by the law?
  3. Do all sizes and types of organizations need to comply or is my business exempt?
  4. What about other accessibility laws in other jurisdictions?
  5. What is WCAG 2.0?
  6. What are AODA web compliance requirements?

Download the complete guide today: A Product Leader’s Guide To Accessibility and AODA.

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