So you’re thinking about acquiring new technology. You’ve done the research, asked friends for recommendations, and waded through online forums.

You’ve asked members of your organization’s team about what they need, and before you know it, the project is underway...

… only to be shut down because of the concerns of your organization’s procurement team, senior management, or board of directors.

The reality is, plans for a new technology acquisition can’t be made in an isolated silo. As organizations come to rely more and more on technology to perform basic business functions, it’s critical that every new technology solution is acquired and implemented in alignment with business objectives and corporate strategy.

So, while there should be no such thing as a disconnected technology stack, making sure that never happens is easier said than done. Whether you’re about to purchase next-generation software or make a large investment in new network technology, there are certain key factors to keep in mind.

First, you should perform due diligence – a step that is often overlooked. Even then, if your organization hasn’t purchased and deployed enterprise solutions before, you may find that you don’t have the capability to execute the strategy you’ve developed.

As you move ahead, you’ll find that there are many intersecting paths on the way to acquiring new technology – and it’s easy to overlook certain steps that are critical to success.

This book is intended to guide you through that process from beginning to end, to help you manage a major new technology procurement project. We’ll help you identify and avoid common pitfalls, manage the needs of your organization’s stakeholders, and understand what to look for in your next technology purchase.

Steps this ebook will explain

1. How to gather and manage business requirements

2. How to plan and make a case for a technology budget

3. How to find and define product specifications

4. How to compile a great RFP/RFQ

5. How to manage the vendor RFP process

6. How to select the right vendor from your short list

If you’re looking at a major new technology purchase, and you’re not sure where to start, this guide is for you.



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