Preparing Associations for a Digital Future

We empower associations to get the most out of technology. 

Members increasingly expect a premier digital experience from their associations, and meeting those needs is key to keeping your base engaged.

From improved member services to process automation and new revenue streams, there is great potential for professional associations to improve their brand presence and offerings with digital solutions.

We offer services that include:

Our experience includes innovative digital programs for clients that include Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario, College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, Canadian Bankers Association, BILD, CIRI, and more.

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The following are some of the digital trends we see impacting professional associations across a variety of sectors, including actionable tips that associations can take today to improve their digital presence.

How to Make Your Association a Digital Leader

This book explores how associations can become digital leaders and incorporate new technologies, processes, and best practices across the organization.

This book is packed with digital tips and tricks, including 34 actionable ideas you can get started with right now.

In this book, we explain how to:

  1. Define and execute an executive vision informed by data
  2. Improve the member experience
  3. Review your products and services to ensure new investments continue to deliver value
  4. Transform, manage, and create content in a new digital media landscape
  5. Bolster your conferences and events with digital engagement
  6. Leverage continuing education as the silver bullet for building member value, driving revenue, and improving association ROI.

how to make your association a digital leader
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Digital Transformation for Professional Associations

Eliminating paper-based processes and embracing digital innovation in conference planning are some of the key digital transformation processes associations are taking advantage of, and with good reason — they deliver on member satisfaction and organizational efficiency.

Automated systems can tie registration, badge printing, and CEU tracking into a streamlined digital experience for its members.

Learn more about how associations can leverage digital transformation.

Guide to Technology Procurement

If your association is making an investment into a new digital solution, this free eBook is for you.

In this book, we explain:

  • How to gather and manage business requirements
  • How to make a case for a technology budget
  • How to find and define product specifications
  • How to compile a great RFP/RFQ, and manage the vendor RFP process

insider's guide to technology procurement
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Key Features for a Professional Association Website

Your professional association’s website is the centerpiece of your customer communication. Having one that reflects your brand in a refined and designed way is an absolute must.

Learn more about the key website features every professional association should have

How to Plan a Digital Project

Whether your association is planning for a new website, mobile app, or a piece of custom software, this guide will help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

In this guide, we outline the steps you should take when embarking on a digital project, and instructions for:

  • Establishing clear goals for the project
  • User testing, stakeholder consultation, and buy-in
  • Avoiding common pitfalls that digital projects are prone to
  • How to keep your project moving forward
  • What to do after the project launches, including A/B testing, when to evaluate success, and the idea of iterative design

how to plan and launch a digital project

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Future-Proofing Professional Associations

The first thing professional associations have to do is go to where their members are. This means actively engaging online, on social media, and producing content specifically useful to their member base. 

There are plenty of options for ambitious associations seeking to improve their member engagement.

Learn more about the best practices for professional association digital experience.

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