Enginess welcomes Mike Phillips to our team

Posted / 20 October, 2017

Author / Enginess

Mike Phillips

We are pleased to announce the addition of Mike Phillips to the Enginess team as our new Director of Digital Transformation Services.

Mike will be working with new and existing clients, offering strategic guidance on engagements and sharing insight into the potential for digital change. Mike will also be overseeing our sales and marketing departments.

Mike made his start in the manufacturing industry which gave him great insight into operational processes, logistics and innovation. He was able to take this knowledge and apply it in a sales and marketing context to large consumer product companies like Kraft, Quaker and Kellogg’s in North America. Naturally gravitating towards the technology side of the offering, Mike later transitioned into creating innovative experiential engagements using VR, AR and mixed realities for clients like Samsung, Canon and Lexus

Fueled by his experience and depth of knowledge, he is excited to join the Enginess team and eager to help our clients leverage digital transformation to reduce costs, increase efficiency and build growth.

Mike’s years of industry experience make him an invaluable addition to all of our engagements, and we are thrilled to welcome him to the team.

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