Digital Strategy Roadmaps: A Step-by-Step Approach to Success

Posted / 23 April, 2019

Author / Enginess

What is a Digital Strategy Roadmap

Digital transformation is a big complex journey. Preparing for large scale digital transformation requires a healthy amount of planning.

A digital strategy roadmap is a planning document that outlines what goals your organization is trying to achieve with (new) technology, and what digital initiatives need the undertaking to achieve your objectives.

We are excited to launch our four-part series on Digital Strategy Roadmaps with  Simone Abel - Director of Digital Strategy at Enginess. Over the next couple of weeks, we will post several articles sharing the best practices and key recommendations around creating digital strategy roadmaps. The series will feature examples of digital strategy roadmaps as well as a free downloadable template so that you can easily create your own digital transformation roadmap!


Digital Strategy Roadmaps: A Step-by-Step Approach to Success

Part 1: Foundations
Part 2: Five Key Stages in Building a Digital Strategy Roadmap
Part 3: End Deliverable
Part 4: Why Bother?

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In this week’s post, we will go over the foundations. Let’s get started!

Digital Strategy Roadmaps: Foundations

Roadmaps can take on a variety of “flavours”, formats and styles. They may be broad or detailed. The context of your roadmap plan may be a project, product, business, technology, marketing, or even sales.

At Enginess, we approach digital strategy as a blend of business, technology and product design; hence, a digital strategy roadmap is a consolidated strategic plan that takes into account all three.

A well-designed digital strategy roadmap defines a vision for digital transformation by articulating a clear understanding of where you are today, where you want to be tomorrow, and how you are going to get there. It visualizes the future of a product or service (while taking into account values, objectives, limitations and opportunities) into a picture that shows both current and future state. It is the crossroads between business and technology strategy and often, product strategy as well.

The following multidisciplinary activities combine together to produce a digital strategy roadmap:

  • Design Thinking (Service Design & User Experience Design)
  • Research (UX, Competitor, Analytics, Marketing)
  • Business Analysis Technology Analysis (Assessment, Solution Architecture, Procurement...)
  • Content Strategy (Content Analysis & Information Architecture)
  • Project / Product Management (Timelines, Budgets, Resourcing...)

Security, legal, privacy and accessibility expertise may also be in the mix. Depending on the nature of the endeavour, you’ll need to make sure you have the right people with the right skill sets and competencies contributing at the right time. Working with an expert or team of experts with senior level of knowledge and experience is essential.

A digital strategy roadmap, combined with research, visualizations and performance goals, is a powerful way to tell the story of digital transformation. Beyond keeping everyone in the team aligned, the vision-objective keeps different teams with competing agendas moving in the same direction.

In the next week’s post, Simone will share the five key stages in building a digital strategy roadmap. Stay tuned!

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