6 Tips to Improving Employee Morale

Posted / 28 September, 2021

Author / Enginess

6 Tips to Improving Employee Morale

Are you looking for ways to improve your employee morale?

Continue reading this article if you are looking for tips to improve your employee morale. 

Be transparent

Resolve issues head-on. Don’t brush problems under the rug, no matter how minor the issue may be. Your team will respect you more if you work together when problem-solving. Practice empathy and pay attention to recurring problems. Honesty is the best policy in problem-solving, and honesty is what your team deserves. Be transparent in all aspects of the job, for example, providing feedback, company updates, new protocols, etc.  

Employee recognition

Employee recognition is an easy and effective way to improve employee morale. Recognizing employees' achievements makes them feel valued and motivated. Recognition can come in many different forms. We recommend that you celebrate new hires, personal life events, and successes. As well as send updates to the company, and allow peer nominations for awards. These simple actions will not only improve employee morale but overall employee productivity.

Team building 

Team building events will help improve your team's employee morale. Team building activities kickstart collaboration and help with problem-solving. Open communication with peers will make it easier to bounce ideas off of each other and build off of others' opinions. A simple scavenger hunt or trivia challenge could promote the well-being of employees while increasing positivity in the work environment and promoting creativity. 

Encourage incentives through perks

Providing incentives will make your employees feel more valued and motivated. Incentives can be as big or small as you want. You could cater a lunch for your team, bring puppies to play with, send your team home with discount cards or gift cards. Examples of more significant incentives include a bonus of $20,000 after working for two years, giving the highest sales employee an extra paid week off, etc. It’s incredible how incentives can boost employee morale while driving productivity. 

Encourage real breaks

Real lunch breaks are a shortcut to high morale. Your team will feel less stressed after stepping away from their desks at lunchtime. Eating around your team will improve work relationships and lead to more creativity and innovation. This will also help you understand your peers and improve your EQ. Not only is it important to have lunch away from your workspace, but more studies show the benefits of taking five-minute breaks every hour. However, these breaks should not be at their desk. Instead, go for a walk, grab a coffee, go to the bathroom, stretch your body, go outside, practice a short meditation, etc. 

Provide feedback

Meeting with employees is a great way to boost employee morale. Show employees that you are listening to their feelings, ideas and opinions. This will make them feel valued and boost their well-being. Collect their feedback and take actions that address their concerns. Always be courteous and thank your employees. It’s also a good idea to meet one-on-one with employees if you sense any signs of burnout and see what you can do to help mitigate these stressors. 


Wrap Up

 It's essential to foster good employee morale from the get-go. If your company is experiencing high turnover or an overwhelming sense of negativity in the environment, these six tips will surely help. Be attentive to your team's needs and use your power to harness positive experiences for your team.  

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